Frequently Asked Questions and Common Issues

amiibits is a fairly new company, so some questions may arise when purchasing from us. Below are some questions that may be asked by customers and questions that we've already answered.



Q: What are amiibits, and what purpose do they serve?

A: amiibits are a smaller take on amiibo, the popular Nintendo collector's item that enables better gameplay on Nintendo consoles. Instead of a big figure or a card, amiibits are tokens that fit anywhere with ease. Take them on the go, put them in a case, wherever you go, amiibits go too.


Q: How long do they take to get to me?

A: It depends on the order. You can order lots of amiibits and your order will be fulfilled later than other orders, since we are a small company with just a few staffers. If you just order one item, expect your order within 1-2 weeks (depending on your shipping preference).


Q: How do I customize my amiibits?

A: Select the boxes above the "Add To Cart" and "Buy Now" buttons to select which character(s) you want.


Q: How do I use amiibits?

A: If you already have your amiibits and want to know how to use them, click here to read our guides on how to get started.


Q: Are amiibits legal?

A: amiibits are legal. The data for amiibo, which powers amiibits, is available to the public. This is how several other custom amiibo stores provide their customers with the products they serve. The difference with amiibits is that we use fewer premium materials, making our products less expensive.

Additionally, our running ads on Instagram does not violate Facebook's policies. It is entirely up to the advertiser to promote what they'd like. Several other pages use advertising to promote their homemade amiibos.


Common Issues

Q: I don't know where to tap amiibits on my console.

A: Read this documentation from Nintendo on how to use amiibo on consoles. Follow the same instructions for amiibits.


Q: The amiibits website is not in my language.

A: Go to Google Translate and view the whole site in any language. We only have one language as we only ship to the U.S.A. and will ship to more territories soon (and add more language translations).


This page will be updated with more questions as they become asked.

You can submit your own questions by contacting us.