Learn More About Pre-Orders

amiibits has begun offering Pre-Orders for amiibits coming in the near future. This means you can order them in advance to receive them the week they become available. Obviously, there are some differences between a typical order and a pre order, which is what this page will walk you through.

Placing Your Order

To place an order for the upcoming release, start by heading to the Pre-Orders Page (Home → Shop → Pre-Orders). If there are no products on the page, this means that there are no products that are pre-orderable. If the product you want to pre-order is on the page, select it.

 Note: Pre-Orders are slightly more expensive than normal amiibits to keep the demand up. You can wait for the product to come out for a less expensive version if you prefer, yet you may not receive it the week of launch.

Customize the product to your liking and then add it to your cart like a normal product. Only one pre-order of the product is allowed per household. We may contact via email confirming your identity if we suspect you have ties to other people placing pre-orders.

This is the old design of this website. The process is still identical.

Getting Your Order

You'll receive your order the week the amiibit is released. For example, if you purchased a Joker or Hero amiibit, you'll receive it the week of 10/2/2020. The shipping notice will be sent to your email the day it is fulfilled.

 Note: You'll be charged immediately after checkout for the amiibits you pre-order. If you want to cancel your pre-order, please contact us.

Final Things

If you have additional products you need to order in addition to the pre-orders, place them separately from pre-orders. If you do not, we will refund your order you placed so you can try again.

A quick update from the amiibits team regarding pre-orders for Joker and Hero amiibits:

Any questions? Contact us.